Thursday, August 13, 2015

Arrrgust Winners!

The first week of Arrrgust has come to an end. Hope everyone had fun participating in all the Fansite contests! There were some really awesome ones! Took longer then expected to select winners, thanks for your patient! Without further ado, the winner!


I really liked the details put into this drawing. Background is very well done!

By Crazy Sarah
Loved the bright use of colors, plus Kobe in festive dress is amusing!

By Husky Blaze Cringle

I loved this one! "I chose Sarah Steele because I love her, she has a pretty cool costume and her design is cool, I enjoyed too much coloring the page."

By Tristan 
Ryan's idea of a buffaloon pinata is great! That pinata could hold lots of pirate-y candy, perfect for celebrating Arrrgust!

By Crazy Ryan Upham

Loved this drawing of Bonnie Ann! Great effects, and the background clouds are a nice touch!

By Silent Autumn Ashburn.

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